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Korean Netizens’ comments about SJ comeback 2014.08.29 20:11 


1. Like others have said, the SJ members may be more mature in years, but when they’re on stage, why are they so energetic? And at the same time, they give off a sense of maturity.

2. Indeed, it’s been 10 years. They’re in a class of their own. The new songs are not bad at all.

3. The comeback stage is really perfect. I saw the fruits of 10 years. The songs are great and the visuals are the strongest!

4. Even though there’s a comical streak to the production, but after so many years, the songs are better than I had anticipated.

5. This time, the songs are good and the comeback stages were not bad.

Translated from Korean to Chinese by 某些人如些可恨。

Translated from Chinese to English by scarkyu.